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Updated: January 18, 2017
Premium Relax Club beauty and Thai massage salon in Lviv  your charm and health in safe hands!
Premium Relax Club beauty and Thai massage salon in Lviv offers a wide range of cosmetic services, various kinds of classical and Thai massage, figure correction program, manicure and pedicure. Should be noted that all the masters of the salon have specific medical medium education and it ensures the desired results and the safety of your health. We provide comprehensive service packages for the bride and new moms, rejuvenation and  figure correction services.
New! Stone therapy — the ancient method of treatment with the use of hot stones. The balanced use of different massage techniques and hot stones promotes deep relaxation of the body and stimulates the flow of positive energy and leads to a state of harmony and peace. Relaxing massage with hot stones provides countless variations of positive impact at all levels - physical and emotional! Stone therapy stimulates the nervous and immune system, helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, improves metabolism, helps with chronic fatigue syndrome treatmen, depression, relieves headaches.
Beauty salon offers promotions and gifts certificates for the full range of services, so you can give the pleasure of rejuvenation and recreation to your close people! Such professional cosmetics as Atache (face and body), Suda (for arms and legs), Rene Furterer (hair care and scalp) available at Premium Relax Club. Gift certificate for Premium Relax Club salon services (from 100 UAH) is a luxurious gift for a loved one.
For regular customers discounts from 5 to 10% available. At one time payment for 10 Thai massage 10% discount.
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 21:00

Services provided at beauty and Thai massage salon
Manicure and pedicure
- Classical (edging) and hardware manicure
- Hardware pedicure
Equipment: ionto-pedospray S1
- Gel polish nail covering for 14 days
- French and art manicure
Equipment: Shellac
- Japanese manicure and pedicure
Equipment: Massura
- paraffin therapy, SPA-manicure and pedicure
Equipment: Massura
- Kids' manicure-pedicure
- Medical services: treatment of ingrown nail, strengthening of nail plate, treatment of fungal diseases of nail plates and feet, calluses, corns, cracks on the heel, diabetic foot, arthrosis (Hallos Valgus).
Medicines and drugs brands: Suda, Gehwol
Cosmetology services
- Cleansing: manual, mechanical, vacuum (vacuum drainage), ultrasound, brashynh
Cosmetics: Atache, Demax, Janssen
- Peelings (Exfoliation): microdermabrasion, chemical (acid, enzyme), physical (ultrasound)
- Facial massage: classic, plastic, nip (massage by Jacquet), lymphodrain, Spanish, Cryo.
- Injection cosmetology or non-surgical face plastic: biorevitalization, hialurono plastic (contour), mesotherapy
- Cosmetic masks: lifting mask, anti-aging mask for mature skin, whitening, cleansing, masks to strengthen blood vessels, drying masks, vitamins, preventive mask, SPA-mask
- Electrotherapy, hardware cosmetic procedures: darsonvalization and iontophoresis
- Cosmetology of problem skin: coagulator, acne treatment, acne, rosacea (visible vessels), Hyperhidrosis
- Cryotherapy
Cosmetic and medical brands used during cosmetic procedures: Atache, Demax, Janssen
- Day, evening, festive, wedding
- Kids' visage
- Eyelash extensions (by the piece or beam)
- Eyelash perm and coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows
Brands: Perfect Silk lashes (lashes), Janssen Perfecto Cil (eyebrows)
- Temporary airbrush tattoos
Hair removal
- Waxing (waxing, Bioepilation)
- Shugaring
- Bikini wax, deep bikini wax, brazilian waxing and mens bikini wax
- Ear piercing
- Kids' ear piercing
- Navel, nose, tongue and eyebrows piercing

Classic and Thai massage
- Classic types of massages: Swedish, sports, relaxing.
- Anticellulitis massage.
- Thai massage (traditional, aromatherapy, herbal massage, head and neck area, foot  and hands massage)
Tsunami (4 hands)
- Slim massage
- Aroma
Thai scrubbing of body (220 UAH per session)
Brands: Atache, Selvert Thermal
SPA and cosmetologycal services
- Wrapping: thalassotherapy (body wrap using diatoms), chocolate wraps, intensive weight loss wraps (Terre D'epices Decleor), stonetherapy
- Shock vawe cellulite treatment (Atache), serum with activator (Selvert Thermal)
- Modeling lifting program (Atache)
Cosmetic and medical brands used during these procedures: Atache, Selvert Thermal, Terre D'epices Decleor
Means brands Atache, Selvert Thermal

Consultations (Free)
- cosmetologist
- Manicure / pedicure
- Master of Thai massage
- masseur
Suda Gmbh Institute of podiatry № 1 in Ukraine
based on «PREMIUM RELAX CLUB» invites you to training courses
(Lviv, 11/3a Krushelnyts'koyi Street )
mob: 096 376 33 54
Suda latest technology pedicure hardware. 5 days of training. For price 450 Euro for hardware pedicure company gives a 50% discount. Cost of training - 2500 UAH. While purchasing Suda cosmetics for the first time - 15% discount.

Nataliya Vas'ko - Certified Specialist, Suda brand Methodist.
Yaryna Zaychenko - dermatovenerologist, assistant lecturer at D.Halyts'koho Medical University.
After studying Cosmo-Trade Training Center certificate and the diploma of Suda German Institute of podiatry are issued.
The training program
The theoretical part
1. Overview and characteristics of devices
2. Characteristics of tools, materials and cosmetics applying
3. Sterilization of instruments and burs
4. Sanitary and technical requirements to the workplace
5. Sequence of performance of hardware pedicure
6. The structure of the skin and nail plate
7. Characteristics of  feet diseases
8. Treatment and prevention of nail plate:
- Thin nails, prone to separation
- Nail plate fungus
- Mycosis
- Deformed nails
- The early stage of ingrown nails
- Inflammation of the horizontal ridges of any complexity
9. Treatment and prevention of skin diseases:
- Foot thin skin
- Swelling of the feet
- Dry and horny skin
- Cracks
- Sweating
- Fungal skin diseases
- Varicose veins and poor circulation
- Corns, calluses, warts
- Scars after burns and severe rubbing
10. Treatment and prevention of foot deformities:
- Deformation of fingers
- The early stage of gout
- Inflammation of gout
- Longitudinal and transversal arches
11. Diabetic Foot (characteristic of foot diseases and methods of treatment)
The practical part
1. Technique of the procedure. Working with troubled models
2. Solution for possible diseases and situations described in the theoretical part
3. Foot massage
4. Tactics of the conversation with the client during the procedure. Proper assigntment of preventive medicines for home care
5. Treatment of ingrown toenails.
6. Modeling nail plate.
Training is conducted with a professional SUDA cosmetics, which provides excellent German quality, high efficiency and competitive prices.

Schedule - from 10:00 to 17:00.
Duration - 5 days.
Classes are held in small groups of 3-4 persons.

3D-Tour 12 panorams


Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

  Payment information

Payment Accepted Cash, By Bank Transfer In Advance


Hot stone therapy
Hair removal bikini area
Low Price 70 UAH
High Price 1760 UAH
Low Price 310 UAH
High Price 910 UAH
Classic massage
Massage for weight loss
Spa massage
Special services
Body wrap
Low Price 600 UAH
High Price 1250 UAH
Hair removal
Consultation experts
Beauty Courses
accepts reservations
Consultation experts
Treatment ingrown toenails
Bridal makeup
Low Price 465 UAH
High Price 1100 UAH
Apparatus manicure and pedicure
Nail extension
Art-Nail design
Japanese manicure and pedicure
Childrens manicure & pedicure
Low Price 350 UAH
High Price 1980 UAH
Cleaning face
Price 400 UAH
Nail services
Low Price 145 UAH
High Price 390 UAH
Face massage
Low Price 70 UAH
High Price 300 UAH
Injection cosmetology
Face mask
Problem skin care
Low Price 350 UAH
High Price 500 UAH
Daily makeup
Creative makeup
Kids makeup
Eyelash extensions
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